McKinley Realty Partnership with Wright Johnson LLC

On Sep 3rd, McKinley Realty has officially signed partnership agreement with Wright Johnson LLC in helping one of the top developers in USA to gain market share in EB-5 Project. 

Wright Johnson will train employees of McKinley realty to provide foreign investors consulting services regarding investment in USA and immigration issues. Besides, WJ is responsible for provide legal service and economic analysis for McKinley Realty regarding the future Project involving foreign investors.

Wright Johnson is a national leader in EB-5 Regional Center consulting and EB-5 immigration visa applications.  Dedicated and result-oriented, Wright Johnson has received ninety-five Regional Center approvals, accounting for over 20% of all approved Regional Centers in the market.  Additionally, Wright Johnson has assisted its client’s in the preparation of over seven hundred I-526, Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneurs. With a 100% success rate in Regional Center approvals, Wright Johnson is one of the foremost authorities on the EB-5 Immigration Visa program.



The United States immigration system is complex and dealing with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”), the immigration authority responsible for processing visa applications, can be very overwhelming.  Wright Johnson works with individual investors to guide them through the document gathering and processing portions of their EB-5 visa application to ensure the filing of a comprehensive visa application. Based on their extensive experience submitting applications to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Wright Johnson is able to provide guidance to investors, ensuring that their applications comply with USCIS standards.  Always available to answer questions, the team at Wright Johnson will work with the investor to ensure a smooth ride on their road to permanent residency in the United States.