Since 2012 McKinley Realty has been synonymous with integrity expertise in the Metro Atlanta real estate community with over 1 million sqft. of Office, Commercial, Industrial  and residential experience. No one grows as fast as McKinley Realty in Real Estate Asset management in South East Region.

The McKinley Realty "Assets Preserver/Income generator" model is unique to Real Estate Asset management community due to the fact that within the confines of our corporate headquarters, McKinley Property Management has access to Architects, Construction experts, Real Estate Professionals, CPA and Legal Services. We draw upon these centralized services to not only stabilize and maintain tenant continuity, but also to return real estate assets to high performing and marketable profit centers.

We provide full-cycle commercial and residential real estate and property management service in Metro Atlanta area. We presently manage over 1 million square feet of space, including office and Residential communities, industrial warehouses and storage facilities. Our expertise is derived from over principal’s experience in the office/commercial, industrial development, construction and leasing business, making us uniquely qualified to address your property management needs. We understand what works best. Our goal is to provide value-added services that protect and enhance your investment, to your 100 percent satisfaction. This full-service, value-added approach provides our clients the ability to manage their business without being distracted by their space, whether owner or tenant occupied.