Apr 07 2015
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3) 合作开发楼盘项目(按比例出资)





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Mar 23 2014
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It's great to get a good-paying job. It's even better when you live in a city where that good-paying job buys more. After all, $60,000 goes a lot further in Boise, Idaho, than Boston. Wallethub has looked at average incomes across the country.The most compelling information—for us at Top/Best/Most—is the list of cities with the highest annual incomes when adjusted for cost of living. One hint: they're all in the middle of the country, and none gives you an ocean view, though one comes close.

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Mar 19 2014
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Another one bites the dust: A Chinese real estate developer is on the verge of bankruptcy, and is expected to default on millions in debt -- the latest sign the government is willing to let some pawns fall as it moves toward a more market-oriented economy.

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